Online Speech Therapy

Online Speech Therapy

New technology allows human beings to communicate via a myriad of new channels and media. This new technology compliments my work as a speech and language therapist. Webcam sessions enable me to work with children, adults and families all over New Zealand. Online Speech Therapy (also known as Telepractice) allows me to assess clients needs and action speech language & literacy therapy in the comfort of your own home. Online sessions and handheld devices are a fantastic mechanism for working with children. They also allow observations  of younger children at play as well as observations where they interact with other people within their own, familiar environment. Something as modest as a modern smart phones are invaluable tools for online speech therapy.

Online Speech Therapy Assessments

Clients will be initially screened informally in consultation with clients / parents / care givers and teachers. We can simply utilise any suitable video conferencing applications such as Skype. After assessment and initial diagnosis, sessions will start around any communication and literacy difficulties. The same online technology will be used to deliver therapy in real time. Typical therapies may cover speech, language & literacy, fluency and voice.

You can expect to receive the same high degree of assessment and treatment via online speech therapy sessions as you would with an in-situ session. Depending on your location, we may also have the option of blending face-to-face sessions with a number of online sessions.

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