Literacy and Numeracy Games

Games to Develop Literacy & Numeracy

Games offer so many skill opportunities in specific areas. Communication for starters. They provide a chance to interact with others, negotiate rules, introduce new vocabulary and how to correct and challenge others. Players learn how to take turns, stay focused and problem solve. Emotional consequences can be developed around handling loss, helping another player accept losing and being a gracious winner. Games also help build confidence and cooperation. Plus there are opportunities for developing gross and fine motor movements, as well as literacy and numeracy skills.

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Some game parts are quite intricate requiring learners to throw a die with control (and not repeatedly send it bouncing off a table) move small items around a games board, or manage a handful of cards. These skills are relatively complex and over time young children benefit from learning how to successfully play games from a social perspective as well as the educational value around literacy and numeracy.

Older students and adults enjoy the competitive elements that games offer. I enjoy using games as part of any speech language programme I put together. There must also be a fun element.

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