Annette Stock

Annette Stock

Annette Stock is an innovative Teacher and Speech Language Therapist who works alongside parents and teachers, with students who have difficulties in the area of speech, language and literacy development. Annette creates tailor made programmes and training to best suit the needs of students in mainstream and specialist schools – at pre school, primary and secondary levels.

Speech, Language & Literacy Therapy

Annette is available as a private consultant to assist families and schools in the area of speech and language therapy with students who have articulation (sounds) language, voice and stuttering disorders or delays (including funded students who require additional assistance).

Education Services

Annette Stock contracts to educational facilities (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary) schools to develop training and programming for teachers and parents in the area of language and literacy. Students with low oral language often experience difficulties with reading.


Annette regularly presents at national and international conferences on topics related to work in language and literacy. e.g Speech Language Therapy Conferences (NZ and Australia) NZRA Conference, Intercountry Adoption, Global Learn Day

Annette Stock’s Philosophy

The core of my philosophy is centered around working with students and adults with speech and language difficulties – collaboratively assessing and designing programmes which are functional and practical and based around client interests.

Having fun is a prime motivator and my work reflects this.

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